Chandara Wellness Membership

A monthly massage or facial just for you!

Massage and bodywork offers amazing benefits including but not limited to easing stress and pain, increasing circulation, helping the body detox, and calming the nervous system. Massage doesn't just feel good, it DOES good and people who see the most benefit are those that come in regularly.

Many people ask how often they should get a massage. It really depends on what you are trying to do, but here are some pointers:

For easing chronic pain you may want to come once a week until your tissue is in a healthy state.

For auto accident recovery, once or twice a week initially, reducing your sessions as your condition improves.

For general tension from work and life every other week or once a month is often enough to maintain optimum wellness.

Life is too short to live with pain... that's why we've created the Chandara Wellness Membership Program!

Membership Options:

60 Minute Member - $70 a month

75 Minute Member - $85 a month

90 Minute Member - $95 a month 

120 Minute Member - $125 a month

All memberships include:

  • One monthly massage or facial session based on the plan chosen
  • Additional massages and facials at membership pricing
  • Monthly rollover - unused massages are redeemable for up to one year
  • Gift certificates at membership pricing
  • A 30-minute upgrade during your birthday month
  • Exclusive member-only offers

Become a member today and experience the benefits of regular massage or facials!

Step 1: Fill out the enrollment form below and choose your wellness option

Step 2: Fill out the recurring payment authorization form (at the very bottom of the page) and email it to or bring it to your next appointment

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