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60 minutes- $80

75 minutes- $95

90 minutes- $110

120 minutes- $140

Wellness Membership

60 minutes - $70 a month

75 minutes - $85 a month

90 minutes - $95 a month

120 minutes - $125 a month

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Auto Insurance Accepted

If you have recently been in a car accident, we can bill your auto insurance company. Personal Injury Protection or PIP is required for all Oregon auto insurance policies and covers you and your passengers in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Click here to learn more about Auto Injury Massage.

Please note that the prices listed above reflect a time of service cash discount. All insurance claims will be billed at the normal, undiscounted rate of $30/unit of 15 minutes.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art form that is often referred to as the "lazy person's yoga.” In a Thai session, you relax fully clothed on a mat while the practitioner moves you through stretches and uses deep compression techniques to release tension and stagnation in your muscles. Stretches are done within your comfort level, making it suitable for all levels of flexibility.  Because of the slow, rhythmic nature of this type of massage, it is best to book a 90 minute or two hour session. 60 minute sessions are great for spot treatments and specific pain relief.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is best used to relieve pain from old injuries and increase mobility. Using deep tissue techniques (which does not always mean deep pressure), we are able to loosen restrictions in muscles and fascia. The work is in the deeper tissues and there may be some discomfort at the time of massage. After the session you will experience pain relief and increased mobility. I tend to use a mix of myofascial release, Tui Na (Chinese massage), and Thai massage techniques modified for the table based on what I feel the tissue needs most. It is best for the client to choose one or two focus areas when choosing a deep tissue massage.

Medical Massage

$30 per unit

Medical massage is the use of various soft tissue and manual therapy techniques to treat various conditions such as athletic injuries (sprains or muscle strains), carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, trigger points, headaches, whiplash, and more.