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 This business has been an amazing adventure over the past 4 years. However, as I've stepped into my new role as a mother, I realized that running my own business is no longer the right fit for me. June 18th, 2018 we will close our doors for good

The good news is that you can continue seeing me (Satheara) for massage, facials, and sugaring at Urbaca in the Pearl! Please visit to book an appointment. 

If you have an unexpired Chandara Bodyworks gift certificate, you can redeem it  at Urbaca. Call 503-241-5030 or email info@urbacahairsalon to schedule.

Jenn is also still available for massage and can be found at Sanosoma Professional Massage. Book with Jenn online at

Thank for letting us help you on your healing journey!

-Satheara + the Chandara Team

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